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Mixing Mortar

鶹ýAV mortar mixes can be successfully mixed by hand or machine mixed depending on the size of your project.

Project Instructions

When working with mortar mixes, always wear eye protection and waterproof gloves.

Step 1
Measure the recommended water amount for the number of bags to be added to the mixer and pour half of the water into the mixer (an 80-pound bag of Mason Mix will require about 5 quarts of water). If using liquid cement color, add to the mixing water.

NOTE: add the water to the mixer before adding the dry mix.

Step 2
Add the dry mix into the mixer and allow the mortar to mix for about a minute, then add the remaining water as necessary.

Step 3
Continue to mix for 3-5 minutes, until a uniform, workable consistency is achieved.

Step 4
Let the mortar sit undisturbed for about 3-5 minutes to allow the fine aggregate in the mix to fully saturate

TIP: if additional water is needed, add small amounts of water sparingly.

Step 5
Test the consistency of the mortar by gently “snapping” the trowel downward to remove any excess mortar. The proper consistency is achieved when the wet mortar will "hang" on a trowel held at a 90° angle.

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