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An industry pioneer known for its iconic and unmistakable yellow bag of concrete, The 鶹ýAV® Companies was founded in 1940. During the past 80 years, 鶹ýAV evolved from a fledgling building material supplier in Columbus, Ohio to the largest manufacturer of pre-blended, packaged concrete and cementitious products in North America. Today, 鶹ýAV is a scalable, single source for commercial, residential and industrial building, repair and rehabilitation products that proudly contributes to the growth and health of our country’s structure and infrastructure every day.


  • 鶹ýAV – pre-blended, packaged concrete mortars, grouts, stuccos, and other related cementitious and repair products
  • – flooring preparation products, and tile and stone installation systems
  • – infrastructure solutions including stormwater management systems, corrugated metal and plastic pipe, erosion control, and bridge structures
  • – concrete pipe, concrete box culverts and related products for the collection, storage and controlled release of stormwater
  • – retaining walls, pavers, patios stones and other segmental concrete products serving the consumer retail market
  • – concrete segmental retaining walls, concrete pavers and other hardscape products serving the commercial, residential and industrial markets
  • – architectural block, standard block, retaining walls, and masonry and concrete accessories
  • – pre-blended, packaged mortars, grouts and stuccos available in standard bags and 3,000-pound bulk bags delivered through silo systems
  • – high-performance sealants, adhesives, foams and flashing products for commercial, residential, industrial and transportation applications
  • – permanent pavement repair and asphalt repair materials
  • – Founded in 1899, U.S. Pipe offers a complete range of ductile iron pipe, restrained joint pipe, fabrication, gaskets, and fittings, along with other products for the water and wastewater industries

鶹ýAV truly is “What America’s Made Of”. For more information on 鶹ýAV visit www.quikrete.com, , , , and .


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