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SlingBag® is a heavy duty woven polypropylene fabric tote with four polyester lifting loops designed to efficiently and safely store, move and place the burlap bags with a single point pick up. The SlingBag® can be lowered into the water or onto a land job site. SlingBag® holds fifty-six (56) 60 lb. burlap bags. The SlingBag® system saves time and is the most economical method of burlap bag placement. 鶹ýAV® 10oz. burlap bags are a high strength, 4000 PSI blend of sand and cement that will bond together as one unit. 鶹ýAV® burlap bags are 100% Biodegradable, environmentally friendly, harmless to wildlife and will give the appearance of natural stone. 

“The SlingBag® patented system helps complete pipeline support projects up to 5 times faster and safer – EVERY TIME!”



  • Underwater pipeline support, pipe stabilization, separation and protection
  • Fill large voids or depressions in ocean, lake or river bed floor
  • Beautifies  and stabilizes slopes, riverbanks, bulkheads and beaches in a running bond pattern
  • Rebuild embankments, dams, seawalls and revetment
  • Control erosion around lake fronts, canals and culverts

Product Information:
Holds 56, 60 lb Burlap Bags per SlingBag®
U.S. Patent No. 7448661 & 7216908
Approximate burlap bag dimension: 3.75”H x 16”W x 23”L
Approximate pallet dimension: 4’ x 4’ x 3’ H = 1.65 CY (1SY = 5 bags)

60 lb 3-1 (Sand/Cement) Burlap bags - (No. NR83999)
60 lb Revetment (Sand/Cement) Burlap bags - (No. NR83994)
60 lb Pure Sand Burlap bags – (No. NR83997)

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